About Us
Hayburner Haven is a family run farm that operates on 20 gorgeous acres in South
Langley B.C.

My name is Tara Nicholson. I am a CHA Certified Coach and have been taking in and
working with problem horses for the last 6 years.
I have done everything from cow work to cross country and a bit of pretty much
anything in between. I love to get out and try new things with my horses. Its all about
how much fun you are having and who you are with not if you win or lose!
To read a little bit about how it all started, check out our story
here,or to check out
our personal horses,
click here
We have a great group of people at our farm. The whole family pitches in with
maintenance from fixing fences to feeding the crew....
Our boarders are the best group I could possibly ask for. Everyone gets along and
there is no cliques or groups. We all ride together whenever we can and help each
other out as much as possible.
Summer we look forward to barbecues and long trail rides, jumps set up in the
front field to play around with and late evening rides to the back pasture to splash
through the ponds.
Even our neighbours come out to watch when the "herd" makes their half mile
gallop up the hill back to the barn at supper time.
We have it pretty good here.
Slowly we are turning the farm, which was a cattle barn/property into an equestrian
center. One step at a time....
So far we have constructed 15 stalls, 3 large run in shelters, 19 paddocks, an
outdoor arena and many other little projects to make the barn that much more
enjoyable....Here to further progress and continued success in the years to come!