Spud came home just before Christmas 2012. He was raised near
Kamloops, bought through the auction, put out on a large property in
Grandforks, backed a couple times and then I took him as a trade for
a gelding we had in.
He got his name because on one of his handful of rides, he ended up
broncing across a hwy, into a potato field and dumping his owner.
He was a scruffy, boney, nervous boy when he came off the truck,
after his long trailer ride, with a nasty chunk out of a hind cornet band
[which proved to be fun to tend to since he had not had his feet
handled much].
He healed up , fattened up  and after some work came around and we
started him under saddle from scratch. He packed a wicked buck the
first couple times we saddled him up [and still does here and there]
but he has come leap and bounds from the un trusting horse that
He has a home with me for life. I was on the hunt for a broke, short,
stocky gelding with some age on it to just enjoy the trails and drill on
...He didn't really fit that mold but he has turned into more then I could
have ever asked for. He has proven himself on the trails that he is
level headed, hardy and wanting to please. For the few months he has
been under saddle, he has had more miles on him on the trails then a
lot of horses do in their entire lives.
I hope he will be my next all around horse...for trails, drill, gymkhanas
and even some english if I want but we are taking it one step at a time.
He is a big boy, standing just over 16hh and quite stocky so is a bit
bigger then I wanted, and at 7 and just being started under saddle, a
lot greener then I was looking for but I am happy to have crossed
paths with him and look forward to many more years together.

A few weeks after he arrived...