Shmoo came to us in February of 2007. She was a jumper in her
prime that after a bad accident [being crashed through a jump on wet
turf], she became a broodmare. When we got her she was
underweight, shaggy and very very needy.
She makes the most insane elephant like noises and the first time I
saw he she was doing just that trying to paw her way out of a stall the
stable owner had put her in to weight for the trailer.
She came out of that stall in a hurry and leapt into the trailer dragging
us along. She was leaving and that was final.
She came home and got fixed up and then went to southland's with a
friend who needed a horse to ride while her horse was on stall rest.
She loved being ridden everyday and being back into the ritzy world
she was used to. She came back in great shape when the girl had her
horse back and was put up for sale. That was about the same time
Clay came around.... He wanted something to ride. Shmoo was more
broke then the rest of the horses I had at the time...except for my
babies who wanted nothing to do with the new attention hog.
She bucked him off a few times but he persisted. He would go out and
try to scramble on her back and ride her around the field. Eventually
she took a liking to him after she finished testing him and became a
babysitter and teacher. He would go out and call her and she would
come running to "her man". Clay started riding her on the roads and
trails with me. That was new to both of them. She hadn't been out of
the show scene and he hadn't been on a horse very many times.
She kept him in line by depositing him on the ground or just stopping
and refusing to move when he was doing something wrong but he
learned quick.
A girl at the barn then started using her for drill. A huge Warmblood
with huge animation and tons of chrome prancing around between all
the relaxed little Quarter horses.
She seemed to really enjoy it and took to the flag pretty quickly. She
stood out a bit but learned to neck rein and away they went. She did
the whole 2007 season, Merrit, Pemberton, Coombs, everywhere. She
did the trails with us, a bit of cross country and even cattle sorting.  
We did try to take her in one jumper class in Pemberton but once she
got on the turf, even though the jumps where only 12" high, she
wouldn't even step over the first jump. Her brain just stopped and she
Anywhere but in a show ring she will jump anything though.
After drill was over, we used her for gymkhanas, ranch sorting, rodeo
clinics, back country trails..pretty much anything.
She is a pain in the butt in the barn. She paws and kicks the walls and
is very flirty with all the geldings but she is great to ride and very
I used her for the 2008 season after Buck came up lame. Her first
parade being the Santa Clause parade at the end on 2007, and she
was great. Much less spooky then Buck but it;s just not the same with
out your special horse. She was semi retired with Buck at the end of
2008. Once in while she will come out when a back up rider is needed
or for a parade here and there but she's pretty much a pasture pet
and trail pony now.
She is 21 or 22 this year and will live out her days here on the trails
and doing all the fun stuff. Every once in a while  one of the boarders
will do some dressage on her to mix it up and she seems to really
enjoy it. So much for a throw away broodmare.....
I swore I would never own a mare, especially a WB mare but here we
are... I actually couldn't ask for a better horse in so many ways. She
will pack anyone at any level, she will give her all for whatever task
you put her to and she has a personality that makes everyone love
She has earned her spot at our farm and will live out her days here.

Shmoo was laid to rest Feb. 28th, 2013 after having a stroke. She was
loved by everyone at our farm and will always be remembered.