HH Limited Edition
Durango was purchased from the Fraser Valley Auction at 6 months old,
Sept. 22nd, 2002. He was wild, woolly and very beaten up from his trailer
ride. He came from up country and was there with a smaller chestnut colt
with a crooked nose.
He had not seen people before, when ever someone would try to get near
the pen gate, he would try to jump over the 6' back wall. He almost made it
a few times...
I had to have him, I had watched had been looking at all of the horses at the
sale and kept coming back to the filthy, scrawny little colt that wanted
nothing to do with anyone.
When he came in the ring, I won the bidding and the auctioneer spent a few
minutes trying to talk me into the chestnut colt who was quietly moving
around the ring while Durango was flying around trying to find a way out. I
was set on him though and that was it.
We were in between trailers and had borrowed a friends straight haul. I had
bought a bigger yearling that day as well. He was quiet and well halter
broke so we loaded him first and then herded Durango up the shoot and
into the other stall.
The whole way home he rocked the trailer and when it came time to unload,
we backed up to the barn door.
The yearling backed out quietly and before he was half way down the ramp,
Durango ducked under the separator, leaped over the yearling's head and
neck and took off down the barn alley, through his stall into the paddock
and that was it.
You couldn't get within 40 feet of him without him running and trying to jump
the fences.
After a month, we were able to get close enough to him to get him into the
stall to do some work with him and eventually get him halter broke.
With daily handling he eventually came around. He is still pretty much a one
person horse though. 99% of the time no one else can catch him. Once he
is caught he is the a big puppy dog but always on guard.
He loves to jump. When we first moved to the new property, he was in the
back field and decided to run up the pastures clearing all the fences on his
way to get to the front field where the other horses were [he was bored with
the one he was with]. Even at 6 months old if he got pushed out of the
corral gate when they were coming in for dinner, he would run along the
side and hop right over and into the corral jumping almost sideways.
He was started at 2 1/2, just saddled and backed. We did a bit of walk but
he was very immature. I try to just get on and get them walking, turn, stop,
backup and them leave them a year but I was stupid and had very long
reins on him even though I knew he was touchy. As we turned a corner, a
rein hit his flank and he took off bucking. I thought he would keep going
around the ring but instead ducked into the corner mid buck and threw me
into a tree. I got back on and  finished the lesson but I couldn't walk for over
3 weeks after that. Needless to say drill practices were painful...
We did a lot more ground work, at liberty work and lots of ponying through
Campbell Valley Park but with the move and everything I didn't get time to
start him again until he was 4. When I brought him into the barn [he is
usually on the field 24/7], he was still not ready. We got him backed and
walking and such again but he just wasn't where I wanted him to be. I threw
him our again and every month or so would bring him back to the where we
had him and push a few more buttons.
By the time he  was 5 1/2 he seemed to settle down and really get it. I
started ponying him on the rougher trails and then eventually started riding
him in Chilliwack, matsquie, and the local parks for half the trail and ride
whoever I was ponying the other half.
We were going through the river, up the mountains, over bridges, even
walking around with crazy fish whipping in and out of his legs during
spawning. He has been doing very well over the last year and is finally
matured. I have brought him to the indoor and in my ring a few times but he
gets bored about as quick as I do. We do mostly roads and trails and I think
that is going to be his job. Just a pleasure horse and pretty pasture
ornament. Maybe one day down the road we will do some jumping. He was
free jumping 4'9 with ease and loves it so I think it may be fun but for now
he's a pet. Thats what he wants to be and thats what he gets to be. Some
people don't understand why I have him when I don't do much with him but I
figure, if he was bored, he'd let me know. He is content with his lifestyle so
thats what he will do until he decides otherwise.
He has a forever home here. We could never part with him, he is one of a