Dr. Shady Honor
April 30th, 1984 - August 5th, 2010
Czar is a 15.3hh, black Arabian Gelding.
Czar was my first horse. I got him when I was 9 years old. He was a stallion
when he was purchased but part of the sale agreement was for him to be
He used to play in the TV series the Black stallion and after being purchased
through a police auction, came to the owner that I bought him off of. He was a
pushy, opinionated stallion that no one wanted to deal with. The barn he was
at starved their horses and after surviving that, he did not want anyone in his
stall or near his food.
I was cleaning stalls at the barn on the weekends [when it was taken over by a
new person] and just kept working my way down the aisle. They forgot to
mention to me that I should not do his stall. I went right in and he watched me
from the corner of his eye as I carefully picked his good hay out and cleaned
the stall. Everyone panicked when they realized what had happened. A 9 year
old in with a stallion that had broken bones, smashed through fences, and
pulverized other horses.
I fell in love with him. I knew I wasn't supposed to have a horse until I was older
but he was my dream horse. The Black Stallion! I watched every episode. I
always wanted the big stocky one that did the stunts and at the end you saw
galloping down the grassy hill with his tail cocked to the he was , in
the flesh, for sale!
I refused to ride him when it was offered because i knew I couldn't have him.
After some convincing, I got on and it was the best ride of my life.
Later that night my dad got dragged out to the barn and in the morning, just
before the truck arrived to bring him back to California, he was ours.
He stood at the stable for 3 months while my dad built the barn. I was out there
every day except 2 when the snow was so bad we couldn't get out.
He came home to his own little 3 stall barn and 60x 60 hogfuel paddock right
outside our back door.
He was [and is] spoiled rotten. Almost everyday we would go for rides, my dad
on his bike and me on Czar.
After about 6 months, he needed a buddy so my godmother gave us Leah, the
llama. She is still with us today and is always around Czar.
We rode to Langley riders for all the events, right down 208th, early in the
morning with all his feed and equipment in the van.
Then we got a trailer! The biggest, boxiest, heaviest 2 horse straight haul you
have ever seen. Blue is Czar's colour so it ended up blue...bright blue...the
whole thing. You could see it coming a mile away. Unfortunately so could
Czar.... 3 1/2 hours one day I tried and tried to get him in. When I was just at
my breaking point when I just couldn't stop crying he would give me a nudge
and walk right in and go eat hay....every time for the first few months. After a
while, the game became boring to him and he would walk in after a few
minutes. Its not easy loading a stubborn horse by yourself. Anyone who tried to
help had a 1200lb horse rearing in their face or kicking them.[He was trained to
Soon enough we were at our first english/western show. All was fine until the  
last class, pleasure pairs. Czar took off on me when we were asked to canter. It
scared me so much I would not get on him for almost a year. After the threat to
sell him came along, we found Avalon. My savior. She came and gave Czar
and I lessons and after a year with her, I will get on anything with 4 legs and a
We started Royalty and were Senior princess 2 years.
We did gymkhanas, and actually were placing.
Soon enough we were going to the park by ourselves and exploring, we new
every inch of that park.
I remember doing countless hours of homework with his back as a writing table,
studying for finals while riding through the park and sleeping in the barn for
sleep overs, in his stall.
He taught me endless patience when it comes to working with horses [not
people however], trust and how to have a good sense of humor. He's also
taught me how to relax but still be on guard when you are riding because at
any moment, he would be off or bucking or doing something silly. He has
flipped completely over on top of me three times, all of them we were lucky
enough to be a bit scraped up but able to walk home. He has thrown me into a
cross country jump and broken ribs and teeth, dragged me down a chain link
fence ripping my hands apart and bucked me off more than once  but he
taught me how to get back on when you fall and unconditional love for an
animal. No matter what happens, I will always have my baby boy and every
night he will get his special cookie or carrot. He will always be the king of the
barn. All the other horses fear him or greatly respect him at the least. He is
always the first one in at night and the last one out so the rest have time to get
a head start across the field.
Czar is pretty much retired now. He goes for the occasional road ride or
through Campbell Valley once in a while when he demands that he is the one
getting on the trailer, not any of the other guys.
He is 25 this year. Still healthy, happy and plump as always. He eats the least
in the barn [ a handful of pellets to keep him happy and a flake of hay at night
and a flake in the morning] and he is still "plump". The only reason we bring
him in at night in the summer is to keep him OFF the grass. He will be with me
for the rest of his life and always be favoured no matter how much I try to be
He was the best first horse I could have asked for and will always be number 1
on my list.