Buck- HH Dun Right

Buck is a 15.1hh, red dun, Grade QH gelding. He was purchased from
the Fraser Valley Auction on May 15th, 2004. He was badly abused, to
the point where if you raised your hand to pet him he would almost drop
to the ground and cower in the back corner of the pen.
It was love at first sight and he had to come home. I had been through 4
horses already trying to find the right drill horse with no luck.
When Buck got home, it took months to be able to even throw a lead
rope over his back with out him almost dropping in fear. He was broke
but freaked whenever something would move on top of him, and
yes...he does live up to his name. He was a rope horse and was to the
point where you couldn't get within 20 feet of a rope box without going
for a bronc ride, forget get him in it. Same with anyone swinging a rope,
if he saw it, hold on...
As for trailering, it took a few good 2-3 hour "sessions" but after he
learned we weren't going to hurt him or beat him in, he will self load into
almost anything.
With in a few month I had him at drill practice and he did well with the
other horses and was broke enough to do all the moves with ease. His
shoulder had some arthritis in it from roping but he was fine on
glucosamine and once he was in shape he had no problems getting his
leads and changes.
His first parade was the Langley Parade, his big test. If he did well with
this he was staying, if not, unfortunately I would have to continue my
He had a few little panic attacks when we had to stop or go over lines  
on the road but was very trusting overall and that was it, he was a
permanent family member.
When the first performance came around, we still weren't carrying a flag
[we had tried...a few times...he can spin...and buck....] even after weeks
of ground work with it, and having horses ride around him with it, is was
still not working out on his back.
We were royalty that year and had to do grand entry. When the queen
didn't show up, that put us in line to have to do the anthem....with the
flag. We managed to grab the flag rolled up and while he was distracted
I unrolled it and gave the nod..... Away we went, the fastest anthem laps
I'm sure many have seen. There was about 3 gallop rounds before I got
anything close to a lope and with a sliding stop into the center at  the
end of the song, we both stood gasping for breath but we had done
it...Flag broke!

After that he just got better every time and by the end of the 2nd year
[he had issues with people passing me the flag from the ground
because he thought they were going to hit him] we could get flags
tossed to us from any angle, drag them, wrap them around his face and
gallop around, whatever I wanted.

The longer he is here [this being the 5th year], the more personality I
see in him. He is the kindest, most trusting, honest horse I have ever
met. He loves to play, he loves to get out and have fun and even if he
doesn't think something is a good idea, he'll bring his head around for a
pat on the nose and a good boy and he'll do what ever I need him to do.

Over 3 years after getting Buck, I finally got him into the box again. He
knows his stuff, he just needed to trust me completely. I am pretty
confident I can do anything on him at this point.

We have done gymkhanas and he can MOVE!, We have done drill and
grand entry for 4 years, thousands of trail hours, ridden down highways,
through towns, drivethrus, carnivals, pretty much anything you can think
of. We have roped and cattle sorted, penned, caught runaway horses,
and even done some cross country and an English show![My other
gelding was having an off day and Buck got pulled out of the field and
thrown in the show ring so my friend wouldn't have to compete alone.
He wasn't so impressed with that one...]
We have had a lot of memorable trail moments, we almost fell through 2
bridges, both of which he saved my butt on by dragging himself up. We
have gone over bridges[a giant log cut in half]over waterfalls, down
vertical banks into over 4 feet of water, through raging water, swimming
in lakes, up the alpine meadows, the memories are countless and I
hope they continue for many years to come.
We have had our downers as well though. He has broken my nose
twice, once stepping on his lead and swinging his head up into my
face...my fault completely and the other swimming at chilliwack.
My friends horse dumped her while we were swimming and she landed
in front of Buck. He leaped around to avoid her and threw me...which
wouldn't be that bad if I could swim..... I ended up getting kicked in the
face and knocked out but my friend [who thankfully can swim], saved me
and dragged me to the rocky bank on the other side. The horses
unfortunately tried to follow us though and ended up panicking when
they were slipping on the large boulder under the water near the bank
and Buck came over top of me. I remember having one front hoof over
each shoulder as he came up from behind and getting pushed to the
bottom as he swam over me....again..got knocked out...again my friend
saved me and then went to get the horses.
We were cut and bruised up, I had hoof prints down my shoulders,back
and legs and a broken nose. She had a few broken toes but all in all it
ended well. We went to a smaller swimming hole and went for one more
swim for good measure before we went home.
Buck still went right in when I asked him, after his little sideways glance
and nose pat. Its almost as if he's saying..."For the record....I really
don't think this is a good idea".
Even after a few rough face knocks, a couple falls [both of us] and
some near misses, he always comes through and takes care of me.
I am sure I more then owe my life to him and Czar by now.
With all his quirks, I will never forget him in a million years and will never
have another horse like him. Every morning when I hear him whinny at
me and see his eyes twitch because he can never seem to get them
open far enough when he sees you , the way he always has to grab a
sneaky bit of hay on the way past even though he knows he's not
allowed and the way he goes right to his stall and waits by his door
whenever they get loose or turned in from the field for the night. He's a
once in a life time horse.
We found out he has cataracts as well, which was part of the reason he
was so spooky in drill, but even though he has almost no sight on his
one side, he always came through and did what was asked.
Unfortunately, after a poorly placed kick by another drill members horse
in 2008, his shoulder has caused him to retire from drill but he will still
be my trail buddy and will have a permanent home here. I tried to do the
last couple of shows on my mare Shamioh but without my Buckley, it just
isn't the same.
After extensive work on getting his shoulder back into shape, he slipped
in the pasture and injured his hip. He will have a forever home here to
live out his days being a pampered lawn ornament.
Bucks retirement drill ride...2008 Santa Clause parade in
Vancouver infront of over 300,000 people leading the team.
Grand entry 2008 Coombs
Buck goofing around in the snow
The look.....
On the ferry...