Duster's San Badger
Badger came to our farm in November 2008. He was
run through the Fraser valley auction but when he
came into the ring, he pulled up lame and was
passed out.
We managed to track down the owner and went out
to his farm the next morning and purchased him.
He is a super quiet boy with tons of training...too
much for his young age and it has taken its toll. He
had some soundness issues  from being worked so
hard so young [was started to do reining very
young]. He is living to good life as a trail horse
though and seems to be quite content.

We couldn't ask for a quieter 5 year old. We can do
pretty much anything with him and he is always up
for a challenge. He's definitely a keeper.

Badger was diagnosed with severe navicular in June
2011 so he will just be a pasture pet along with Buck
for the rest of his days.